MediaEncounter is a digital agency that has a global reach. Through our years of experience in Internet Marketing and web development we strive to perform the best results. We provide various online services such as web and app development. On top of our development team is also our marketing team which has a very strong reach. We are extremely dedicated in making our clients happy.

Welcome to MediaEncounter

Development and Design
As a client to MediaEncounter you will expect the highest quality of development for websites or apps. Our programmers have years of experience in developing websites and apps. Our development team works hours trying to create quality web pages and apps for local businesses, music artists, online shops and various other types of clientele.

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Let us leverage your campaigns with with extensive years in internet marketing and email marketing experience. we have a global reach in platforms such as email, display, mobile and Social. We specialize in SEO, PayPerClick marketing, and Email Marketing.

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Agency Services

Web Development

MediaEncounter has a strong web development team. Let use develop your web page with the most modern designs on the internet. We build responsive designs which mean it is both mobile and web compatible. We develop websites for clients that include blogs, online shop, customer support systems. Anything you need we can develop it. Let us develop your website and manage it daily including all social network marketing  

Web and Graphic Design

One of the most important aspects of  successful marketing on the internet is having the best creative services at your disposal. MediaEncounter has years of experience in creating logos and amazing looking websites with the use of our Developmental team and Graphics team combined. We have years of experience on Adobe Photoshop to create any type of creative you need for all types of businesses

App Development

Do you have needs to develop an Mobile or even perhaps a facebook app? MediaEncounters dev team has experience in creating all types of different mobile and web apps. We specialized in the iOS and Android sdk for mobile apps for your iphone android or other mobile device.


Branding is defined as a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of these, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers. Creating your brand is pivotal in ensuring the success of your business and at mediaencounter know how to do it right.


MediaEncounters has years of experience in search engine optimizing and can take your page to the top of the serp rankings. Search Engines are a great way for exposure to your websites and business. Our SEO team makes sure you rank for the proper terms for targeted marketing to your website.  

Email Marketing

One of ME’s biggest assets is its internal mail team. MediaEncounter manages millions of opt in email daily. Our team is responsible in creative work, oversight, and inbox delivery. We are fully can spam complaint. Contact us for more info. 

List management

Have a list that you want to monetize but don’t know where to start? Contact us and utilize our team of email experts to generate you the most revenue for your list.

Lead Generation

Do you need leads to pitch your product or services? MediaEncounters Leadgen team generates many types of leads for clients for all types of industries. We have generated leads for accountants, lawyers, doctors etc. Any niche of lead we can generate.  

Social Network Marketing

MediaEncounters Marketing team is very skilled with Social Network marketing. We have used various ad platforms such as Facebook payperclick, Google adsense, and Bing as well as buying Media from various websites

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