Our Agency Services

MediaEncounter is a full service digital agency, specializing in the most modern marketing and web development solutions. We produce results of substantial quality. Leverage our experience in online media to supplement your internal acquisition efforts, or let us provide you with a full representation as we utilize our technical experience to develop your site, app, or service. Accounting for our experience in the online media industry, we simply cannot fail you.

Website & App Development

MediaEncounter has a strong web development team, experienced in creating all types of different mobile and web apps. Let us develop your web page from the most modern designs in the industry. We build responsive sites, which means they will work great on any screen size. We develop websites for clients that include blogs, E-Commerce stores, customer support systems, and so much more. We can adapt to any technology to suit your the platform of your desired application or website.
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Web and Graphic Design

One of the most important aspects of  successful marketing on the internet is having the best creative services at your disposal. MediaEncounter has years of experience in creating amazing looking websites and logos, provided by our Web Development team and Graphic Design team combined. We utilize technologies such as Adobe Photoshop to create any type of design needed for all types of businesses.
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Website Maintenance

Keeping up with your website can be a huge workload on top of your already busy schedule. Luckily, the dev team at MediaEncounter has the skills to keep your site’s technologies up-to-date, while making sure it looks pixel perfect for the world to enjoy.
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One of MediaEncounter’s biggest marketing assets is its Email team. MediaEncounter manages millions of operations in email daily. Our team is responsible in creative work, oversight, and inbox delivery. We can help you put your own name and design on your upcoming product or service. Creating your brand is pivotal in ensuring the success of your business. At MediaEncounter, we know how to brand and promote your product effectively.
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Let us put your site at the top of everyone’s Google searches. Search Engines are a great way for exposure to your websites and business. Our SEO team makes sure you maintain a supreme search engine ranking over your competition for searches targeting your website.
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